Requires a PDF Reader. If you need one, download it HERE.

There are two separate types of files here.  First, there are ANCESTRAL CHARTS that can be browsed by the surname, first name, or maiden name of the member who submitted it.  This list is easy to use and navigate.  Second, there is a more sophisticated list of NAME INDEXES that can help you search for specific individuals named within those chartsThe Index along the bottom refers to our original genealogist, Pat Maddox, who compiled these by hand.

Have you completed and submitted your Ancestral Chart yet?  If not, this might be a great time to get it done.  We've made it easy for you.  Just click HERE to download the form and fill it out.  When it's completed, you can simply click HERE to e-mail it directly to our genealogist.  Have you tested your DNA at Family Tree DNA or another company yet?  Contact our genealogist HERE to find out how to order your kit or how to add your kit number to the Clan Society's master list.  And thank you for helping us all learn more about our Little ancestors!

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